1031 Exchange

Specializing in helping sell and purchase properties to minimize capital gains taxes using the IRS 1031 exchange

A 1031 exchange accurately executed allows a property to be sold and replaced with a larger property without paying any capital gains tax.  The 1031 exchange must be done by an intermediary but the primary guidelines are:

  1. Within 45 days after original property is sold you may identify 3 replacement properties.
  2. Must purchase and close on the new property within 180 days of closing on the original property.

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1031 exchanges can also help investors who are reaching retirement age and want to readjust their portfolio to meet their current needs.  Some general ideas that you should discuss with your CPA or 1031 exchange expert:

  1.  Sell your income producing property in the Portland Oregon area and buy a new property near where you will be retiring.
  2. Transfer your property sale proceeds into a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) or a Tenant In Common Ownership (TIC) such that you can receive income without having to actively manage the property and enjoy your retirement.
  3. Sell a large investment property and replace with 2+ smaller investment properties that you can will to multiple people (kids/relatives) or organizations.

Portland apartment properties can be your best source to help you find the right replacement property in Portland OR or Southwest WA.  We will also ensure that you work with the best qualified intermediary to make certain your exchange meets all the IRS 1031 Exchange guidelines.